"Get Friendly with Our Original, Sweet Heat... Jalapeno/Habanero Pepper Jelly"

Experience the sweet thing that got this whole jelly business bouncin’!



Fresh Veggies for Miles!


Enjoy  Two friends Pepper Jelly on everything you can think of, it’s so awesome just check out some of the great Two Friends recipes below, “Come On Lets Get Friendly”

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Pepper Jelly, You Say?

What is Pepper Jelly?

For those of us acquainted with pepper jelly…well, we don’t know how you couldn’t know what it is.  But our experience tells us, there are many folks out there who don’t know!

So here it is…pepper jelly is the jelly that isn’t.  What – you say…that’s right – it says jelly, but it is so much more.  And for you doubters that “don’t like jelly,” try it…you won’t be sorry!  Seriously, don’t make us track you down and force you to try it… that has happened, Marcia (one of the Two Friends) – she takes it personal, when someone won’t try it.  Just ask Dave (The Jellyman), he watched her chase someone down, and downright bully them into trying it…and guess what, they liked it and came back and bought a jar!

So give it a try, we can do this the easy way or the hard way – it’s up to you!

We can’t wait to call you a Friend Too!

About Two Friends

How it all began–aka Two Friends – Farm to Table Creations

Florida – this is where the Two Friends, Karen & Marcia, met – 1991

Hi – I am Karen, one of the Two Friends.  To give you a little history about us, here is our story:   My brand new baby daughter, Blakely, and I were at a fishing tournament and Marcia was catering the captain’s meeting dinner.

Marcia and I both had the same obsession…cooking and feeding the masses.  We both love cooking and entertaining almost as much as we love our husbands (just kidding honey – he won’t buy it, but I have to try)!  So when we met – we were soul sisters…

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